Econometric models
High-precision sales forecast
to increase the profitability of your brand and business
Features of our models
Our know-how allows us to build unique sales forecast models
The first working draft of the model in
5 working days
The accuracy of our models is
on average 95%
verifiable results
without "tweaks"

What do you get from the sales forecast model?
ROI increases to +30%
  • You can see the response charts for advertising and marketing events
  • You determine the levels of investment needed to achieve your goals
The risks of marketing activities are leveled
  • You don't try blind promotion approaches
  • You can test the promotion scenarios yourself
  • The result of the campaign is known even before the launch
  • You know in advance the effect of advertising campaigns
The model in your preferred form
  • A formula or a group of formulas
  • An MS Excel workbook with an interface, graphs, and a data set that you can immediately start working with and forecasting.
  • A *.dll or *.ocx library that connects to existing software
  • A software product with a user-friendly interface that can make forecasts, build graphs, and make recommendations

How it all happens
Model development process: stages, deadlines, results
Preliminary meeting
We meet, discuss your wishes, available data
Data collection and preparation
We collect data from syndicated research, open sources, and use your internal data
Developing a sales model
All the magic is happening here. We create a formula and model that would describe your situation in the current market conditions
Preliminary presentation
We present the first draft of the model, we adjust it according to your comments
Final presentation
After making the agreed adjustments, we present the modified model, and it is passed to you for use
Updating the model
The market is changing, new players and products are emerging. To keep the model up-to-date and useful, you need to regularly update it with the newly received data, we can help you with this
What do we do in general in the framework of econometric modeling:
1. Modeling the marketing mix
2. Predictive models
3. Cluster analysis
4. Evaluating brand performance in sponsorship and special events
5. Trigger ad campaigns
Increase your ROI to +30%
and stop testing your marketing plans blindly
Contact us
tel: +7(499) 112-3163
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