Business Intelligence & Research
Data analytics, interpretation,
visual presentation, and reporting
We help our Clients easily navigate the digital transformation path, navigate the data market, understand the tools and clearly understand the benchmarks for their business category. We analyze in detail the results of past brand activities and form the most effective approach to new tasks.
Our own Research department will help you target your target audience more accurately
Target Audience analysis
• Who is our Target Audience
• Media Consumption
• Search for niches, new segments and insights
(cluster and semantic audience research, see how the TA writes about our products in the infofield)
Analysis of competitors ' advertising strategies
Determining the role of each channel in the overall media strategy of competitors: calculating advertising costs in the media, determining SOV and SOM. Determining the costs of competitors within each channel, for example, in digital: on OLV, banners, context, special projects, influencers, etc.
Social Listening
• Part of competitor monitoring
• Separate research product: dynamic discussion analysis
Top Assistants: Brand Analytics, Youscan
Brand Lift and BHT Research
Measuring the effectiveness of advertising
The most interesting and complex projects, some of which have been carried out regularly for several years.
Complete management from the development of the questionnaire to the submission of the report in ppt and the writing of strategic recommendations. Absolutely individual research projects are formed for a variety of client needs
Market Research
Market and category analysis
Determining the effectiveness of using advertising channels
Working with sales data, Yandex wordstat, other metrics

What is a dashboard?
Now a dashboard is understood as a tool that not only visualizes, but also analyzes the most important indicators obtained during the collection and synthesis of data. If you have a lot of information: indicators, results, or figures that you need to visualize, explain, and analyze, then this tool is for you.
For the convenience of our Customers, we create functional andinteractive dashboards dashboards for our Customers. They help ONLINE you to strictly monitor theprogress and effectiveness of an advertising campaign at a given time in ONLINE mode:
• automated reporting
• monitoring by benchmarks
• chatbots for quick access

Dashboards is a modern tool for the ability to quickly make business decisions.
Processes and visualizes any type of data
Example of an interactive interface
We help make big data understandable, facilitate decision-making, and, as a result, help make business profitable.

We help the business manager to establish the relationship between the processes and make the right decisions.

With dashboards, you can collect data in one place, process it, combine it, and present it in a clear and visual way.

Stages of implementing the Dashboard solution for you
A few steps
leading to saving your time
1. Identify needs
We determine your needs and the data available for analysis
4. Creating the interface
We present data and indicators in the form of a dashboard and graphs inside. Setting up the necessary integrations to work correctly
2. Developing a model
Building the logic of data analysis
5. Access
We differentiate access rights for different categories of users
3. Adaptation of accounting systems
Preparing the company's accounting systems for the implementation of business analytics
6. Revision
We differentiate access rights for different categories of users

Examples of some reports on the results of an advertising campaign in the digital channel
You will see all the data in online mode
• Number of sessions, unique users, transactions
• Report on the source and channel of traffic
• Comparison of free and paid traffic
• CR, Bounce rate (BR)
• Session dynamics by source / channel
• Dynamics by session volume, bounce rate and transactions
• Analysis of traffic sources: clicks, transactions
• Regional distribution (GEO)
• Dynamics of the number of transactions
• Transactions, consumption and CPA by source and city
• Average number of transactions and average CPA, as well as clicks/transactions in dynamics by day of the week
• Dynamics of impressions by source
• Analysis of advertising traffic in the context of creatives (CPA, clicks, costs, transactions)
• Transactions, expense, and CPA by source and cities
Increase your ROI to +30%
and stop testing your marketing plans blindly
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